Mini Wine Labels - What Size Label Works Best?

Mini wine bottle favors pose a particular problem to our customers, especially when they want to make mini wine bottle labels for weddings. The first question they ask is, "What size label do I need?" The first question we ask them is, "What mini wine bottle did you buy for your favors?" You see, you must know the size of the mini wine bottle before you can determine what size label will work. The best thing you can do is measure the label that's already on the bottle. Use a sewing tape measure which is made from cloth and can curve around the bottle. If you don't have a cloth measuring tape, peel or soak the label from the bottle and measure it flat with a ruler. The height of the label is probably the most crucial measurement to determine the size of your mini wine bottle labels. Many mini wine bottles have a flat area with ridges above and below the area where the labels stick. If the label is too high, it will create a bubble over the ridge and not look professional.

For demonstration purposes we purchased three common mini bottles: Martinelli's Sparkling Cider, Woodridge by Robert Mondavi and Cook's California Champagne Brut.

mini wine labels

In the photo, the bottle on the far left is a Martinelli's Sparkling Cider mini bottle. There are two labels from Bottle Your Brand that fit perfectly on this bottle. In the photo is a 2"h x 3"w label.

It may seem strange, but our small water bottle label is another solution for labeling mini bottles featuring our small water bottle labels making these mini bottles of sparkling cider pop! The size of this label is 1.75" high by 8" wide. We've tried it on champagne splits and mini-sparkling cider bottles and the label fits both bottles perfectly.

The middle bottle is a 187 ML California Chardonnay by Robert Mondavi. There are three labels sizes that fit this bottle. In the photo is a 3"h x 3"w label. The other two sizes that fit this bottle are 2"h x3"w and 3"h x 2"w.

The bottle on the far right of the photo is a 187 ML Cook's California Champagne Brut. In the photo the bottle has a 2"h x 3"w label. This is the only size we recommend for this bottle.

To view pre-made stickers in the 2"h x3"w, 3"h x 3"w, and 3"h x 2" w sizes please visit our Personalized Labels page. Or you can start at MAKE YOUR OWN and choose Custom Labels from the drop down. To view pre-made stickers in the 2"h x 7.5"w water bottle label, please visit our Water Bottle Labels page. Or start at MAKE YOUR OWN and choose Water Bottle Labels from the drop down to make your own design from scratch.

To make sure any of these sizes will work for you, cut out a piece of paper with the dimensions, wrap it around your bottle, and check the height and width. With the small water bottle label the label edges will likely overlap, so keep this in mind when you're designing your label. Make sure your design stops with plenty of room to spare on at least one side.

What's especially great about these labels is they don't come off cold bottles, and the colors won't run if you put them in ice. They have a self-adhesive backing that is exposed when you peel off the protective cover.

Make sure as you shop around for the best deal that other sites you are comparing have the quality we offer at Bottle Your Brand. A good deal isn't all that great if the labels rip when you're trying to put them on and then slide off the bottles when you chill them in ice.

For more information on mini wine labels and how they fit on bottles visit our blog post, "The Definitive Guide to Mini Wine Labels."

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