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Elegant Party Favors

Every host or hostess knows that one of the best ways to leave guests with a lingering positive memory of a party is to make sure they go home with a fabulous party favor. There are so many ways you can do this, it really does depend on what kind of party you're throwing, what you're celebrating, and what your budget is.

One of our favorite party favor ideas is using custom labels to put together little bags of sweet treats for guests to take home and enjoy later. This is an economical way to give guests something they'll enjoy, but with the right treats and the right labels, they'll look like you spent a fortune on them.

Use clear cellophane bags and then fill them with treats. You can have a lot of fun coordinating the treats to match your event. For example, if you're getting married and looking for inexpensive wedding favors, you can fill the bags with your and your beloved's favorite candies and then use custom wedding stickers to seal the bags.

You can design personalized labels in a variety of shapes, and put your monogram, initials, or even just your wedding date on them. The best part is, you can customize the colors so they match your wedding colors!

Or, for a baby shower, you can fill the bags with yummy-smelling bath salts. Fill each bag with the bath salts, and then use our custom labels as baby shower favor seals. We have designs with baby zoo animals, storks, bears, and more, so you can have a lot of fun coordinating your customized labels with your baby shower theme.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can use custom labels to make elegant party favors for bar mitzvah's, bat mitzvah's, birthday parties, retirement parties, and anniversary parties. There's absolutely no limit to the number of ways you can use custom labels to create fun party favors!

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