Wine Label Quality

If you are going to spend the time and money to create your own wine labels then you should know what you're getting in terms of the quality of the finished product. I'll give you an overview of the quality of our wine labels in terms of the material, printing, and finished quality.

Wine Label Material Quality

We print on a synthetic material that's 7mil in thickness. What is mil? It's one thousandth of an inch. To give you a ball park idea of how thick our wine label material is at 7 mil material, a standard credit card is about 30 mil. It's an extremely durable material often times used for creating things such as parking permits, waterproof maps, produce tags and a variety of other items. The material is fully waterproof and the strength could be compared to roughly 4 times greater of a coated paper product. Our wine labels are fully waterproof and can be submerged in water indefinitely without them disintegrating, in fact we use the same material for our water bottle labels.

Our label material is coated on the back with permanent adhesive making it firmly stick to almost any surface they are applied to as long as the surface is clean and roughly room temperature. You simply peel away the protective backing to expose the adhesive and apply them to your bottles. We, as well as a handful of customers, have done a few tests and our labels have held up to a few cycles in the dishwasher.

How We Print Wine Labels

the quality of our wine labels

Our wine label material is Digital Grade meaning it's specifically designed for printing on commercial, digital offset printing presses such as the HP Indigo press we use. The HP indigo press applies seven color stations of electrostatic inks rather than traditional methods such as toner or traditional inks. Electrostatic ink bonds the ink to the substrate by producing a small electrical charge to bond the two. With the ability to print using seven color stations the color combinations are virtually endless. This means you get beautiful beautiful full color wine labels with any color combination you want. Photos turn out amazing. In fact, many of the top photo book producers use the HP Indigo; do a quick Google search and you'll see what I mean.

Wine Label Finishing Process

Our standard size wine labels are 3.5" wide by 4" tall, but they start as 12" by 18" sheets. The finishing process starts after the printed sheets come off the press. They are visually checked to make sure the print quality is first-rate, i.e. there are no smudges, spots or specs due to material stuck to the sheets, or any streaks or lines. Once the visual check is done they are taken to the die cutter or the trimmer. Depending upon the order, we use either a die cutter to carefully stamp out the labels so they peel away from the backing, or we individually cut them down in a process called cut and stack. With die cut wine labels they will come still on the full sheet to be peeled off for application whereas the cut and stack wine labels are individual where the backing can be cracked and peeled away.

That's the short version of the manufacturing process and quality of our wine labels. We perform it daily on our orders making BottleYourBrand.com the speediest producer of wine labels online. We guarantee your order to ship out within two business days of order placement, however, most of the time orders ship the next business day if placed before 1PM PST on a week day.

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