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Sticker and Label Size Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "what sizes are your labels and stickers and what will they fit?" That's a tough one to answer because we have a variety of sticker and label sizes and they could be used for almost anything.

If you have browsed around on Bottleyourbrand.com you will see that we have a variety of different sticker and label sizes that you can use for almost any application. Whether you are designing your own water bottle label or creating a custom sticker for party favors or personalized products this guide will help you choose the right size.

Download our Sticker and Label Size Guide

After you have downloaded the sticker and label size guide from the link above, print it out and cut out the label or sticker you want to order. Use that as a template to see if the sizing is correct for your application.

Sticker and Label Sizes from BottleyYourBrand.com

If you have further questions about creating custom stickers or labels please email us at [email protected].

Happy Designing!

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