What Fonts Can I Use?

Choosing a font from our font list for your custom label or sticker is more important than you might realize. You may be surprised to learn the fonts on printed material actually affect people's opinions and studies have shown the font style used on a survey will influence your answers. Fonts display a wide variety of feelings like authority, playfulness and elegance. Using a formal font versus an informal font dramatically changes the look of your labels. Play around with the fonts in Bottle Your Brand's online design tool and you'll see what we mean.

Design Online With These Popular Fonts

  • Script fonts
  • Script fonts are based on the fluid lines of cursive handwriting and are favorites for wedding labels. Adding a personal touch to your label design with script fonts is easy. A couple of examples of script fonts are English 111 Vivace, Bix Antique Script and Quill. These fonts are popular choices on wedding wine labels.

  • Retro fonts
  • Retro fonts represent a time in history such as the Fifties or Art Deco. When you look at retro fonts they immediately recall images of that period. Take a look at the fonts Kaufmann or Bernhard Fashion to see what a retro font looks like. Retro fonts may be your choice for a birthday wine label.

  • Curly fonts
  • Curly fonts are whimsical and make you feel happy when you look at them like the font GiddyUp or BethsCuteHmk. Curly fonts make wonderful finishing touches for baby shower labels or kid's birthday labels.

  • Handwriting fonts
  • Handwriting fonts look unrefined and unplanned. These fonts are created by samples of someone's handwriting. AustinsHand and ArdleysHand are good examples of handwriting fonts. We see a lot of customers use handwriting fonts for making custom beer labels.

  • Serif fonts
  • Serif fonts and San Serif fonts are the most common fonts you see in books and magazines. A serif font has little "tags" on the open ends of the font and sans serif fonts don't have the tags. For instance the font on this web page is San Serif, but a common font you probably know, Times New Roman, is a serif font. Serif fonts are usually associated with authority and businesses often use this font style for their water bottle labels.

Fun fonts depart from standard letter shapes and evoke a light-hearted or off-the-wall feeling. Fonts like Eighty Percent Outline or Ewert are examples of fun fonts. Just looking at the font Ewert reminds us of a circus or carnival birthday label while Eighty Percent Outline is a wacky looking font that works perfectly on labels for hot sauces or homemade beer.

Font Attributes Make Styling Unique

There's another way to change how a font looks and that's by changing its attributes. Attributes are features of the font like bold or italic. Many of the fonts in Bottle Your Brand's design online tool can be changed to bold or italic.

The use of color with fonts adds still another dimension to the impression a font makes. Make sure you use a color that has a high contrast to the background of the label so the words stand out. The text tool gives you the option to change the color of the fonts when you make your own label.

When designing your label keep in mind we have over 100 fonts from which to choose to make your custom stickers look amazing.

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