Design Online Basic Tutorial

Whether you are starting from scratch or modifying one of the existing designs we have here on the website you can do it all with our design tool. Here is how the design tool looks:

Notice there is a help icon in the top toolbar on the right side. That will take you to our main help page. Please refer to the that main page for detailed help on what the tools do but here are the basics:

  • Add text
  • On the left side you will see a large A icon that says "Add Text" under it. Click on that and you will notice that if you start typing text will display on the center of the design canvas. After you have typed what you want click on the design canvas to make the cursor disappear and then click on the text once and you can move it around and resize it. If you want the cursor back to edit or add text just double click on the text again.

  • Change fonts and change text color
  • You'll notice that after you click on some text another toolbar pops up on the right side. There you will see text options at the top where you can change the font style, size, color and alignment. Pretty easy right?

  • Add images
  • If you want to add a photo, logo or any type of file to your design you can click on the photo icon to the left that says "Add Image". Notice that the image library will open above the toolbar at the top. Click on the upload image button or log into your account to retrieve images and add them to your design. Once you upload your images they will display in that image library above the design. Click and drag the ones you want on your design and they will transfer over to the design canvas.

    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND the acceptable file types for uploading are JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG AND TIFF. If you need a pdf file converted please email us and we're happy to do so.

  • Background color
  • Many of the pre designed labels on the website can be modified to change their background color by clicking on the paint bucket icon in the top toolbar where it says"Background Options". If you are starting from scratch in the make your own section using that tool will make the entire canvas the color you select.

So that's the very basic functionality. If you want to dive into all of the capabilities of the design tool, please visit the main help page. Also spend a bit of time and play with all the features, hopefully you will find all the tools and functionality you need, but if you still have questions please ask us via live chat at the bottom left corner of your page or email us at [email protected]

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