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Labels and Stickers For Your Next Campaign

Are you looking to spread the word for your cause, candidate or message? We can help you. Custom labels, stickers and bottled water are great for any political or campaign marketing plan. In fact we see all of our products being used in various ways for political promotions.

With no restrictions on the amount of colors, fonts, images and logos you use when you design a custom label the uses are virtually endless. Some of the more popular uses for our products to promote campaigns are:

  • ID or nametag stickers - oval and circle shapes are popular for this.
  • Custom labeled bottled water to hand out at rallies, fundraisers or other community events.
  • Custom bumper stickers with your message.
  • Water bottle labels with your branded message, these can be used for any type of beverage or just used as regular rectangular stickers.
  • Custom drink coasters are perfect for dinners and fundraising functions.
  • Custom hangtags can be tied to gift bags, swag bags or other items to spread the word.


By far the most popular product that we see for campaigning and political promotion are people using custom water bottle labels. The reason being is that they are extremely versatile; use them as regular stickers or apply them to any type of bottle or beverage container. The minimum buy quantity is low as well, you can order as little as 10 labels and we have see that many other places that are offering campaign and political labels sell them with a minimum order of 500 to 1,000.

political water bottle labels

Elect To Use Custom Water Bottle Labels In Your Next Campaign

With the minimum order for our labels set at just 10 labels that allows smaller campaigners to get on board and use custom labels to promote themselves. So if you're running for class president, a position on your HOA, a small city council position or another private organization position, you can design your own label or sticker and promote yourself for very little money.

campaign stickers

The material we use to print campaign and political stickers is extremely durable and fully waterproof. Rest assured your custom bumper stickers will hold up in the rain and weather and your custom campaign water bottle labels can be fully submerged in water and ice. The labels will never disintegrate and the colors won’t run.

city council promotional labels

Getting the most out of your design is critical when you are campaigning, so if you need help creating your campaign sticker or label let us know and we can help. It pays to be creative so think outside the box and do more than the traditional red background with white text and a blue logo. Add a picture, catchphrase or even important dates for events. And for those of you who really want to step it up add a scannable QR code that contains any message you want. We do have some pre designed political labels that you're free to use by modifying the text and adding images, but for those of you who are creating your label completely from scratch, start at the top of the website on the right side under make your own. Choose the product you want, the quantity and click “customize it”, that loads the online design tool. Now you're free to create whatever campaign sticker you like.

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