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Christmas Hang Tags

Hang tags with a Christmas design or photo are an inexpensive way to create a Christmas gift or decoration. Holiday wine bottles are the most popular application for hang tags but you can also use them for a variety of other applications during the holidays. They work great for everything from gift tags, tagging homemade foods, promoting holiday sales, crafting and even Christmas tree decorations.

Our Christmas hang tags are printed on thick ten point coated paper stock in a 3" x 3" diamond shape. Each tag includes an eleven inch white cotton string as you can see in this beautiful picture of holiday hang tags:

christmas wine hang tags with string

Since Christmas wine labels have been, and continue to be our specialty, adding wine bottle hang tags was a logical step for BYB. Lately, we've been focusing on taking our existing Christmas wine label designs and converting them to fit the hang tag dimensions. It makes it easy for those of you looking to match your yearly Christmas wine label design and have it printed on a hang tag. In fact if you know the name of the design you usually order, just type it in the search bar at the top of the website to see all the products that a specific design template has been applied to. For example, let's say you want this design on a hang tag and a wine label:

holiday pine hang tag

The design is called "Holiday Pine", simply type that into the search bar at the top of the website and you'll pull up the Holiday Pine page where you can see all the products that are available. In addition to the wine hang tag you'll see that Holiday Pine is available on bottle neck labels, gift tag stickers, wine labels and beer labels! Cool huh? Now simply add the same text lines, photos or whatever is on hang tag to match the wine label and checkout.

Bulk discount pricing is available for Christmas hang tags just as it is on all of our custom products. Also, we offer the low minimum order of just ten hang tags. We recognize that having a low minimum quantity to order is important to you. We won't name any names but there are some websites selling tags at minimum quantities of fifty. Come on, how many of us are going to give out fifty presents or fifty bottles of wine requiring a custom hang tag? And let's not even talk about the website that wants you to fill out a quote form to buy hang tags then email in your request. Sorry, 1998 was years ago. BYB lets you instantly design and order your Christmas hang tags right online.


design your own Christmas hang tags


We produce Christmas hang tags fast

Once you're finished designing your own Christmas hang tag we have an efficient and quick production process where your design file is sent right to press after a quick quality check by a designer. It's then printed, packaged and shipped. Generally this happens next business day, but we have a published standard two day production time just in case your order is placed late in the day after our press time. Or, in case some unforeseen delay happens, such as our press being down for repairs or someone turns off the internet, (hey it happens).

If you are looking for a corporations or business that's great because Christmas or Holiday hang tags make the perfect gifts for your customers. Let's be honest, if you buy gifts on behalf of a corporation or business, you want to buy in bulk and you want to get the best price that you possibly can. So let us make it easy for you during the holidays. Go out and make a bulk purchase of fairly decent wine, a couple hundred bottles or so. Get together your logo, colors and decide on some text for the message. START HERE to design your own holiday hang tag. Within a very few days you'll receive the tags from us, including strings for each one. Tie the hang tags around the wine bottles and voila, inexpensive custom branded wine to give to all your clients, potential clients, vendors or whomever.

christmas cheer hang tag

If you would like some help designing a Christmas hang tag please let us know. We are a small businesses that enjoys helping our customers, whether a large company or an individual. For more information please give us a call, live chat, or email us. All of our contact information is right below to the right side. We're in the office from 9 am to 4 pm PST.

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