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Cheap Custom Drink Coasters

When we say cheap we don’t mean poor quality we mean affordable. Look around elsewhere online and you’ll find that custom drink coasters can be $10 or more! Nobody has that in their budget to spend on coasters for a wedding, party or special event. So we came up with a solution and started printing 4x4” squares on 16pt thick-coated paper stock, rounding the corners with a .25” radius and they work perfect for personalized coasters.

We like to be completely open and honest with you, these aren’t the type of coaster that is going to sit on your coffee table and last for months and months. These were designed to be used a couple of times at one, possibly two events. They aren’t going to hold up for a year on your office desk when you place your coffee or bottled water on them daily. They are paper and they will tear and bubble after a while. But just so you get a better idea of what we are talking about here is a quick video of our coasters.

As you can see they are perfect for a special event or wedding where you are going to use them for a short amount of time. Since they are designed with that in mind we have the price point low as well and a low minimum order amount. They start at .99 each for 10 and the price gets lower based upon how many you need. You can fully customize your coaster by starting from a blank canvas or you can select one of our pre-designed coasters and modify it to your liking. It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes and they are produced and shipped out within 2 business days.

Add your wedding photo, logo, monogram or whatever you like to the design with whatever color, font and words you want. You can even match you coaster design to our other products such as stickers, water bottle labels, wine labels, beer labels and more. Many of the designs we have on the website are available on multiple products so it’s easy to come up with a matching set.

Custom Drink Coasters Reinforce Your Brand

If you have a business that is participating in a trade show, outdoor market, concert, sporting event or local charity event consider using these custom coasters with your contact information and logo. Having your own brand sitting right in front of hundreds or thousands of people is a very effective way to build brand awareness for a very small amount of money. In fact having every time someone reaches down for their drink and they see your personalized coaster it creates a micro impression. Dozens of these micro impressions reinforces the brains ability to recognize something thus subconsciously making people remember what you put on your coaster.

custom drink coasters


Why do we call drink coasters “coasters”?

Back in the old days coaster meant “a tray or decanter stand usually made of silver that sometimes had wheels” So we are assuming it’s because they “coasted” around the table if they used to have wheels. If you know more about the fascinating origin of coasters please do fill us in.

Drink coasters can serve other uses as well, especially the ones we produce here. Some people call these “life hacks”, once you event is over take a couple coasters and use then to place under items in your fridge or cabinets such as soy sauce, honey, steak sauce, hot sauce, oils and any other condiments that might leave a sticky residue at their base. The paper stock makes the perfect base for setting items like this on and they aren’t too thick or large that they get in the way.

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