Bottled Water for Dentist Offices

Every dentist or dental office should have their own custom labeled bottled water. It's a product that can be used for marketing, to build brand awareness and in your waiting room to help keep your patients hydrated and comfortable. We work with hundreds of dentists and orthodontists across the country to provide them with their own private labeled bottled water. It's shipped right to their office. It's easy to order and we'll show you exactly how to do it.

Most of our dentists prefer the 12 oz. bottle size over the 16.9 oz. size. The 12 oz. size is perfect for handing out and it's cheaper to ship since each case, at 22 lbs., weighs 8 lbs. less than the 16.9 oz. case. Here's an example of a dentist's design on a water bottle we produce for one of our customers:

dentist office bottled water

Creating your own brand on a water bottle is easy. If you have your own label design then awesome, you can upload it right to our website here and place your order. If you don't have a design created for your practice, don't worry we have you covered. We have a bunch of pre-made dentist design templates you can use by just adding your logo and changing the text. You can do that by browsing our dentist designs. Choose the one you want then you can easily modify it. Notice on the page that contains the dentist designs you have the additional option to order just the water bottle labels only.

Ready To Order?

custom labeled bottled water


Dental offices that choose to order just the self-adhesive water bottle labels for their practice generally do so over the custom bottled water for a few reasons. First, it saves on shipping costs. Labels are cheaper to ship than cases of water which weigh from 22 to 30 lbs. Second, ordering just the labels saves space. The office manager or anyone, can go to Costco or Sam's club and grab a case and label the bottles as needed.

dental office bottled water

In addition to hydrating your customers, private label bottled water makes an inexpensive marketing tool for you dental practice. When patients take a bottle of water with your custom label from your office that bottle then becomes a mini traveling billboard for your business. Everywhere they carry that bottle you will have brand exposure and the potential to gain new patients.

If you have any questions about creating custom labeled bottled water for your dental office or practice, please email us or live chat with us. We are in the office from 9 am to 4 pm PST and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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