Bottled Water for Banks and Credit Unions

bottled water for credit unions

If your bank or credit union is trying to stand out amongst all the others you need to be extra innovative and clever when it comes to your marketing strategy. Let's face it, there are hundreds if not thousands of financial institutions to choose from today. Anyone, anywhere can walk into a bank or credit union to get a mortgage, car loan or open a savings account, so you need to capture your customers' or potential customers' attention with your branding and message.

Custom labeled bottled water is the perfect product to do so. When your financial institution brands its own water bottles or even just water bottle labels, you're spreading your message to the masses not only in a cost effective way, but also a unique and healthy way.

Our purified spring water comes from a source in central Oregon and is some of the best tasting spring water you'll find. We also manufacture our own proprietary bottles (hence the unique shape) that are made from entirely recycled plastic. hey are called rPet bottles or recycled PET

Better Banking With Custom Bottles

Banks and other lending institutions have become a big part of our business in the past decade and we have formed some great relationships with many of them. For example, Home Street bank is a local bank here in the Pacific Northwest that we've been working with for years. We've actually set up products in our catalog where individual branches and loan officers can order their branded bottled water directly online.

homestreet bank branded water bottles

We offer two sizes of custom bottled water for banks or credit unions, a 12 oz. or 16.9 oz.. The 12 oz. has proven to be the more popular size in the financial industry for several reasons, it's easier to store because of its size, it's cheaper to ship because of its weight. It's large enough to be refreshing, yet not too large that people will feel that it's in the way or they can't take it with them when they leave your office.

Reward Customers While Building Your Brand

On hot days your customers will appreciate the little perk of your bank's custom bottled water when they're sitting in the waiting area or at a loan officer's desk. Customers remember it and feel valued and appreciated and keep coming back. From a cost perspective it's a no brainer. For well under a dollar you can give customers your own refreshing traveling billboard or you can hand out Poland springs, Nestle, Deer Park or some other brand of bottled water and advertise for them. Probably the best part though, is the additional brand exposure you get when you create your own label. Think of it this way, when a customer leaves your office with your branded water who knows how many people they'll come into contact with thereby exposing your brand. If they're like most people they will hold onto that bottle for a few days or weeks refilling it and carrying it around with them. Just think, one little bottle with your branding and message can potentially be seen by hundreds of people! That's a pretty powerful marketing tool for under a dollar.

custom labeled bottled water for banks

When it comes to the design of the label you have full control of what's on the label. The labels are full color, printed on a digital press so the sky is the limit as to what you can design, all for one low price. And just a side note, the labels are 100% waterproof so they can go in refrigerators, coolers or be completely submerged and the labels will never fall off and the colors won't run or fade. We have a design online program where you upload your institution's logo, photos or even finished artwork your marketing team designed. If you don't have your own design or would like to choose from a pre-designed template we have those too. You can quickly add your own text and speedily checkout.

Promote Special Events

In addition to custom labeling bottled water for your bank or credit union you also have the ability to brand it to specific events your institution might be sponsoring such as community festivals, concerts, promotional events, trade shows, new product offerings and more. You have the ability to order as little as one case of 24 bottles so offering custom branded water for your next event is easy.

If you're interested in creating your own brand of custom water bottles and would like more information please give us a call at 866-935-2235 or email us at [email protected] We're here from 9 am to 4 pm PST and look forward to working with you!

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