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Modify or Changing an Order

Do you think you made a mistake on your order? Did you spell a name wrong or fat finger the keys when you typed an important date? Did you select blue instead of aqua? We're so fast that once your order is in place we start production as soon as possible. This means that WE CANNOT make any changes after you submit your order. So please, please, check your order preview before you hit submit.

If you aren't sure about something, please ask us before placing your order.

Help! I Typed in the Wrong Shipping Address

If you just placed your order, as in just a few minutes ago, there might be time to change your shipping address. The time frame for changing an address is very small so contact us immediately at [email protected] or call 866-935-2235! If you wake up and realize a day later you entered the wrong address, you may have to wait until the package is returned to us before we can contact you and re-ship it to you.

Make sure the address you enter includes the correct house number, apartment number, and street name which could be very well be a drive, boulevard, avenue, place, or court. If your address is 432 Ocean Place, but you enter it as just plain 432 Ocean without the Place, it might deliver to 432 Ocean Street or 432 Ocean Avenue.

A correct zip code is critical too. An incorrect zip code almost always results in your package coming back to us. Then we're not happy because we know you're not happy. But it's not our fault, we warned you.

My Order Has a Mistake

If we made a mistake on your order and it's a weekday, please contact us right away. (We aren't in the office on weekends or evenings.) When you email us or leave us a voicemail please tell us your order number. You're probably not the only customer we have with your name, believe it or not. An order number helps us help you quickly. Our offices are on the West coast so if you're in New York remember you're three hours ahead of us.

If your order has already shipped, UPS charges a $12.35 address correction fee per package. USPS is unable to modify addresses and your package will be returned to us.

We'll ask you to email photos of your order to verify your claim. We keep a digital copy of every order we can reference that includes a time stamp.

We guarantee our products, so we'll do our best to make you happy.

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