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Why Bottled Water is an Excellent Beverage

When temperatures rise, bottled water is a smart beverage choice

Summertime in the U.S. brings temperatures across the nation often soaring above 90 ° F. Americans have a variety of thirst-quenching choices to help them stay hydrated and refreshed. In today's marketplace, many consumers are choosing bottled water. Bottled water is an excellent choice for consumers who want to avoid or curb calories, sugar, caffeine, or other ingredients found in most beverages. Due to the stringent standards for safety and quality put in place by the FDA, and in great part to its convenience, bottled water is a smart beverage choice for summertime refreshment for people at home, school, the office, or on the go.

In order to avoid heat stroke and other serious conditions caused by dehydration, health experts encourage everyone to stay properly hydrated. Although adequate hydration is important every day of the year, it is even more critical during periods of extremely hot temperatures. That is when drinking bottled water to maintain proper hydration becomes even more important to an individual's health. Here are some of the warning signs of dehydration: nausea, headaches, dry lips and loss of energy. The more dehydrated one becomes, the greater the health risk. This is especially true in the elderly and very young.

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