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What Is Bottled Water?

General Information Regarding the Definition of Bottled Water

In recent years bottled water has become American's favorite beverage choice. It offers refreshment that is safe, quality tested, and convenient. The FDA has extensive requirements for labeling and inspection of bottled water that make it a closely regulated product. Beyond the FDA's requirements, at the state level bottled water must meet each individual state's regulations as well. Members of the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) must follow stringent guidelines to maintain their membership and keep in good standing within the industry.

So what qualifies as" bottled water"?

It must meet all the appropriate state and federal standards, including the public health standards for public water outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, it must be sold in a sealed, sanitary bottle or container. Only then will it be classified as bottled water that is safe for human consumption.

What is not considered "bottled water"?

If a beverage contains additives or ingredients that classify it as a soft drink (like sugar, seltzer, or soda) it is not considered bottled water. These beverages fall under the category of soft drinks and are regulated differently than bottled water.

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