How Are Custom Labels Applied to Bottled Water?

You are thinking of creating your own private label bottled water, but you wonder: how are labels applied to bottled water? Here is some information about label application:

The type of label determines how it is applied to a bottle. For bottled water there are two kinds of labels: pressure sensitive and "cut & stack".

Pressure sensitive labels of the quality suitable for bottled water are usually printed on rolls or spools. These labels have a backing that is similar to a sticker. Each label peels away from a coated paper roll, and has the adhesive already on the back of the label. The roll of labels is threaded onto a high speed applicator and the bottles run on a conveyor belt past the point of contact, where the label rolls onto the upright bottle. High speed applicators can label hundreds of bottles per minute and are used for long run, multiple pallet orders. Bottle Your Brand has two high speed applicators on site for customers who choose pressure sensitive labels.

NOTE: Carefully check out products on websites selling pressure sensitive water bottle labels on sheets. Specifically those printed on ink jet or laser printers, as the quality of the label and the ink usually do not stand up to moisture and therefore are not suited to bottled water.

We also sell what are known as "Cut & Stack" labels. These are usually printed digitally on sheets and then cut into individual labels by precision laser cutters. These labels can come with a self-adhesive backing or without any adhesive. We sell both types of Cut & Stack. The self-adhesive labels sold at Bottle Your Brand have a peel-away back and can be applied to the bottles you choose to buy locally. We call these "labels-only" and offer this kind of label for bottled water labels, personalized wine labels, and custom beer labels.

The Cut & Stack labels that come without adhesive are applied to bottles by a glue applicator. At Bottle Your Brand we use a hot melt glue applicator. This ensures the labels will stick to the bottles securely. The labels are put into the applicator in a stack and fed individually onto rollers that apply the hot glue to the back of the label. The bottles spin on rollers as the labels are fed one by one onto the passing bottles. Cut & Stack labels are a great choice for smaller run orders. Bottle Your Brand has several hot glue applicators on site for this application.

At Bottle Your Brand we offer both types of label applications to our customers. We strive to serve our customers needs whether their private label bottled water order is one case or many hundreds of cases.

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