21st birthday wine labels

21st birthday wine label templates

  • 21st Birthday Wine Labels: low cost, high quality, waterproof and self-adhesive.
  • Custom 21st Birthday Wine Label Templates: Are 3.5" wide x 4" high, sized to fit most all standard size wine bottles you find in stores.
  • Wine Labels for 21st Birthday Parties, all orders ship within two business days.
  • If you are looking for ideas check out 21st Birthday Wine Labels in our photo gallery.

Make it yours!  •  No setup fees  •  Full-color printing  •  100% satisfaction guaranteed


21st Birthday Parties Call For Wine

Is someone turning 21? Celebrate in a big way by drinking too much wine with personalized 21st birthday wine labels. Create a special commemorative party favor of the birthday boy or girl by adding their photo and some special words on a wine label.

Design A Special Label For Someone's 21st Birthday

Make it funny, heartfelt, rude or special. It’s up to you because you can design whatever you like for a 21st birthday design and we’ll print and ship it within 24 hours. Use one of the designs above or create your own from scratch if you have the design chops and have a better more personalized idea for the person about to come of drinking age.

The labels themselves are 100% waterproof peel and stick labels. The minimum to order is just 1 so regardless of the party size you can order as many 21st birthday party labels as you need. In fact often times we see people order one special design for a birthday party and give the bottle of wine as a gift.

Our wine labels are 3.5"wide and 4" tall so they fit almost any commonly found 750ml store bought bottle of wine. They're perfect for 2 buck chuck bottles or hey, even boxes of wine. We're assuming most 21st birthday parties aren't serving 2003 Silver Oak but if you are then our labels fit those bottles to. Cheers and Happy Birthday!