Simple Tips to Make a Wedding Favor Everyone Will Love

Wedding water bottle labels with a custom logo created by a designer

:: Tips to Make a DIY Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Love :: What bride doesn’t want her wedding to be perfect? From the flowers to the drape of her veil every detail should carry the wow factor. While candies and personalized trinkets have been staples of weddings past, today’s bride is looking for a […]

Here’s a Quick Way to Use a QR Code to Market Your Business

Water bottle labels for a political campaign that use a QR code.

Finding ways to market a small business isn’t always easy. Most solutions are time consuming and expensive. We have a way to market your business using a QR Code that will fit just about everyone’s budget. First, What is a QR Code? QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. QR Codes are those square bar-code […]

What is a Growler and Why Would It Need a Label?

A growler with a custom made label from Bottle Your Brand.

 Beer Growlers are Not Drunken Dogs   <<Possible Origins of the Name Growler>> Contrary to the name, beer growlers are not angry, growling, beer-sotted dogs. Growler is the name for a one-half gallon, moonshine-looking  jug that is filled with beer at a brewery and taken off premises for consumption. The origin of the word growler […]

How to Make Your Own Wine Label from Scratch Online

Make your own wine label online.

<<<This post is written for the consumer who is looking to make a wine label online for either their home-made wine or for a special event like a birthday, wedding or shower.>>> Making a  good looking custom wine label is easy even if you don’t have any artistic training. We’ll show you how to start […]

12 Romantic Wedding Fonts You Should See

Our pick for 12 romantic wedding fonts

:: Twelve Romantic Wedding Fonts for Your Wedding Favors :: With the wedding season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about making your wedding favors and wedding labels for the big day. Whether your wedding is formal, casual or has a theme, you’ll want to chose a font type that gives the exact impression […]