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How Do I Choose the Correct Water Bottle Label Size?

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Many of our customers choose to buy our self-adhesive water bottle labels only rather than buying our custom label bottled water. The question always comes up, "Which size should I buy?"

Different areas of the U. S. have different bottle shapes and sizes. Since we don't know which bottle you plan on using, we offer two standard sizes of water bottle labels.

How do you know which size will work for your custom water bottle project?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download our Sticker and Label Size Guide
  2. Print out the Sticker and Label Size Guide and make sure to have your printer settings on "actual size".
  3. Cut out the two water bottle labels and use them to wrap around the bottle you want to use. You will now know exactly how the labels will fit on the bottle of your choice and you can order accordingly.

Some customers like to have their label ends overlap. Other customers prefer their label ends have a small gap. Either way is fine. If you look at the bottled water at the grocery store, you'll notice that labels come in all sizes and are applied in many different ways.

When you are ready to order you can choose from our catalog of pre-designed water bottle labels and modify the text and images, OR, you can make your own custom water bottle labels by starting from scratch.

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